Superior Freight Shipping

Alphaliner Courier Shipping Services

Superior Freight Shipping. The American Companies can provide you with as much or as little assistance as your business requires. By utilizing our “integrated logistics” systems, you can combine our extensive logistics expertise with a variety of custom information technology platforms – enabling a comprehensive management solutions system. However, if you already have existing relationships in place, we are comfortable working with your current partners; and will do our best to integrate all services efficiently.

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Cargo Insurance

What is the risk to your business if something happens to the cargo that you shipped, or to the vessel that the cargo was being transported?


We can assist you with the following services/programs that will help ensure your company’s compliance with the correct government agency.

In an effort to assist you in preventing any infractions we cover all materials dealing with the: Import Security Filing (ISF) Compliance Matrix.

Customs Entry


Our commitment to customer service and relentless attention to detail consistently sets us apart and ensures that all aspects of the custom clearance process go smoothly.

We aren’t happy to simply push your products

Data Center


From origin to destination we specialize in cleansing and converting your shipping documents into easily accessible data.

Document Imaging

The Alphaliner Courier Shipping Companies document imaging strategy promotes workflow processing, saves storage space, assists in our Green Initiative and is approved by Custom Border and Protection (CBP). This is truly a win-win for all supply chain parties involved.