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World’s Best Couriers for International Shipping

At Alphalinercourier Global Logistics, we work with an extensive network comprised of the top logistics providers in Europe and worldwide. Don’t waste time getting thousands of quotes trying to find out the best international courier company for your shipping needs – let our system do the search for you. Our algorithm instantly compares thousands of quotes with different logistics providers and identifies the one that best fulfils your needs, at the lowest rates. Check our extensive guides about some of the world’s most renowned couriers below.


Courier services available for shipping almost anything

Alphalinercourier Global Logistics offers a wide range of shipping solutions for businesses and individuals.
Depending on the time-sensitivity and size, you can choose the service that matches your needs

Benefit from negotiated prices, regardless of your shipping volume


FAQs – Shipping with the world’s best courier companies

What is the best courier for international shipping?
It depends on the type of service you require. Most of the top courier companies in the world offer shipping solutions to various countries across the globe, be it through their proprietary network or via local partnerships. To save yourself the trouble of comparing several different logistics providers and wasting a lot of time in between, get a quote on our booking tool and our system will match you with the best courier for your international shipping needs.
How can Alphalinercourier offer competitive prices for shipping with some of the world’s best courier companies?
The high volume of delivery services organised through our platform on a daily basis gives us a strong negotiation power. In return, we provide our customers with already negotiated shipping quotes that are extremely competitive to the average market value.
How does Alphalinercourier find out which is the best international courier for my shipping needs?
When you input the pick-up and delivery countries on our booking tool, select the service, and specify your parcel’s dimensions, our proprietary algorithm instantly compares the transport quotes available for these specific requirements. In seconds, the system will identify the right match for you based on the price/performance ratio. To make sure every delivery is performed at high-quality standards, we choose to collaborate only with the best worldwide  and international shipping companies.
How do I find the best courier company for sending parcels overseas?
First, you should prepare your parcel and measure its dimensions. Then, go to our booking tool and select the countries of origin and destination of the shipment and choose the “Package” shipping option. If your parcel has up to 70kg, you can ship it almost anywhere in the world with our Express Service. The system will instantly update the shipping price based on your parcel’s dimensions, and all that is left for you to do is complete the booking process. Your delivery will be carried out on the selected date by one of the renowned international couriers we collaborate with.
What are the best worldwide  shipping companies?
Even though there are several courier companies operating around Europe, DHL, GLS and DPD are examples of providers frequently listed among the best European shipping companies. Read more about each of them in our guides above.

At Alphalinercourier Global Logistics , we are proud to offer the most reliable shipping solutions, which is why we partner not only with these three couriers, but more than 100 other global logistics providers. Our network is continuously growing to support our mission to be the #1 shipping platform, where you can have access to the best international courier companies in the world.